Accept EPS Payments Online

Accept EPS Payments Online with Citopay Online Merchant Services

With EPS Online Payment Systems your bank offers online banking customers a simple and secure system for making payments over the internet.

The sole condition for use of EPS Online Payment Systems is online banking authorisation. You can start using EPS Online Payment Systems immediately as online bank users do not need to register for the service separately. Another advantage of EPS Online Payment Systems is that users do not have to memorise any extra codes.

EPS Online Payment Systems lets you pay for products and services straight from the vendor's site (website/ webshop). You willbe directed to the EPS Online Payment Systems as soon as you have placed your order and use the same user number and PIN as in online banking. The billing data is automatically transferred to EPS Online Payment Systems so no further data input is necessary, ensuring that all details are correct. The purchase is completed once it is signed with a TAC-SMS or TAN.

Citopay Online Merchant Services offers you the acceptance of a wide range of online alternative payments such as ACH, iDeal, Giropay, ELV, EPS, POLi, Przelewy24, SEPA Bank Wires and International Bank Wires.

In order to accept online EPS payments and other credit cards, debit cards and alternative payments at your website you will need an online merchant account. Once you have your online merchant account you will be able to accept online credit cards, online debit cards and alternative payments. The ideal situation for an online website or webshop is to provide as many as possible online payment methods so your consumer can chose his preferable online payment method.

Citopay Online Merchant Services provides to its merchants besides the acceptance of the main online payment method "credit cards" a wide range of debit cards, the main used debit cards are; Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Laser, UnionPay, Carte Bleue and Solo.

The main online payment method used are credit cards, mainly those that are issued by Visa or MasterCard payments. However at many places around the world people use different credit cards such as ,JCB and Diners.

Citopay Merchant Services allows you to process online credit card payments in multi currency, we support a total of 120 local currencies with our online payment gateway! Besides accepting online credit cards in all major currencies our online payment gateway supports recurring credit card transactions starting at daily recurring up to annual recurring.

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