Online Risk & Fraud - GEO Location

Protect your online business from online fraud, stop chargeback's!

GEO Location Validation - after an online payment sent by the merchant from the online website got approved by Data Validation it enters the GEO Location Validation. With the GEO Location Validation tool the Risk & Fraud Management system "looks" at several parameters.

With credit cards and debit cards it looks at the BIN (Bank Identification Number), locates the location where the credit card or debit card is issued, by which bank, in which country and at what city. The Risk & Fraud Management management system will now compare it to the consumers actual location by looking up the IP address of the consumer.

The Risk & Fraud Management system will calculate the distance between the location of the bank (where the credit card or debit card was issued) and the consumers IP address. The third parameter the Risk & Fraud Management system looks at is the given address details submitted with the online transaction.

A calculation is made on the distance between IP, BIN and the submitted location. Depending on the distance between those tree parameters the Risk & Fraud Management system will give a final GEO Location "score" that is taken in consideration on the final decission of putting the transaction in "pending", to "approve" or to "decline" the transaction.

With ACH, Echeck, Online Check and alternative payment processing the same is done but in stead of looking at the BIN number the Risk & Fraud Management system now looks at the bank account, ABA number and runs the same distance calculations as with credit cards and debit cards

  • Data Validation - Validates that the data received from your consumer is accurate/ real details. Data Validation in not just looking at fake payment details but also looks for unreal email details, phone numbers, address details etc.

  • Doublet Validation - Looking up multiple transactions in our banking network by: Name, Payment Details, IP, Email, Phone Number and Address Location.

  • Black List Validation - Validation against our and our networks databases looking up previous chargeback's, fraudulent activity and more. We have over 10 years of blacklisted payment details, personal consumer details, chargeback details, charged back IP addresses, charged back Emails and more.

  • Velocity Validation - Together with your Citopay's dedicated Risk & Fraud manager you will impose limits such as daily, weekly and monthly limits together with maximum transaction amount per transaction, per day, per week and per month.

  • AVS Validation- We look up that the address provided by the consumer matches the actual registered address at his/ her bank.

  • Dispatchers Validation - Our Risk & Fraud system allows you together with your dedicated Citopay's risk and fraud manager to set dispatchers on; BIN, Country, IP, Time Frame, Failed transactions and more.
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